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Equipped with the latest technologies in the Mobile Car Washing domain and backed up with 24/7 logistic support and smart IT solutions, our team of experienced operatives are committed to deliver a car washing experience that meet and exceed your expectation, our services is very conscious about the importance of preserving natural resources, that is why our method ensure the minimum consumption of water.

Our service includes SUVs, Saloon cars and Motorbikes and designed to fulfill a wide range of your requirement:

  • Body Wash
    A detailed full body washes of your vehicle leaving no dirt marks or smidges.
  • Extreme Body Wash
    The Extreme Body Was services is meant to target the extremely dirty cars that requires a longer cleaning process to achieve maximum cleaning to the care without causing any damages or micro scratched to the surface.
  • Super Rinse Shine
    This service applies an extra special treatment for all surfaces especially Glass and Chrome surfaces, the end results is a super shining head tearing look for your vehicle.
  • Interior Cleaning
    Cleaning the car interior by removing all kinds of dirt, litters or dust.
  • Extreme Interior Cleaning
    The Extreme Interior Cleaning is a detailed cleaning process that covers the whole interior and pays a special attention to tough stains.
  • Interior Disinfecting
    The Interior Disinfecting Service aims to sterilize the car interior removing germs or biological remains.
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