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Equipped with the latest technologies in the Mobile Car Washing domain and backed up with 24/7 logistic support and smart IT solutions, EIFM's team of experienced operatives is committed to delivering a car washing experience that meets and exceeds clients' expectations. EIFM's solutions are very conscious of the importance of preserving natural resources; for this, our method ensures the minimum consumption of water.

EIFM's solutions include SUVs, Saloon cars and Motorbikes; it is designed to fulfill a wide range of your requirements:

  • Body Wash
    Full body wash of clients' vehicle leaving no dirt marks or smidges.
  • Extreme Body Wash
    The Extreme Body Wash solutions targeting extremely dirty cars that require a deeper cleaning process to achieve maximum cleaning to the care without causing any damages or micro scratched to the surface.
  • Super Rinse Shine
    This service applies an extra special treatment for all surfaces especially Glass and Chrome surfaces, the result is a super shining head tearing look for clients' vehicles.
  • Interior Cleaning
    Cleaning the car interior by removing all kinds of dirt, Litter, and dust.
  • Extreme Interior Cleaning
    Extreme Interior Cleaning is a full cleaning process that covers the whole interior and focuses on tough stains.
  • Interior Disinfecting
    The Interior Disinfecting Service aims to sterilize the car interior removing germs or biological remains.
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