Maintenance Services

EIFM supports all areas of asset management including Air-Conditioning, Electrical, Plumbing, Lifts, Safety Systems, Architectural elements and more. All this with regular inspections, servicing and performance monitoring.

Planned Preventive Maintenance is undertaken by diligent professionals. Our trained Engineers and Technicians are centrally coordinated by our service desk. In case of a breakdown, EIFM’s 24x7x365 service desk responds within a guaranteed time period as per service level agreements.

Our Projects and commissioning team deal with the changes and upgrades that are needed during the occupational life of a building. This integrated in-house team can provide all the Functionality of a Main Contractor, without having to bring a 3rd party into a building. This integration is key to an operational building, as the completeness of the refurbishment or project is underpinned by the constant presence of the team that will operate and maintain it upon completion.

List of Properties to be maintained annually by EIFM for E &W International Group:

  • DAS Tower (3B+G+M+21+Roof)
  • E-48 Murror Complex (B+G+2)
  • Murror Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society
  • Murawah Tower (3B+G+22+Roof)
  • B6 Building (G+17+Roof)
  • C6 Building (B+G+M+4+Penthouse+Roof)
  • AGT (G+M+18+Roof)
  • E-19/02 Aramex Building (G+M+5+Roof)
  • Al Safia Twin Complex Dubai (G+2+Roof)
  • Lulu Building (G+7+Roof)
  • Qasimiya Building (G+7+Roof)
  • Al Ain Oasis Complex (A compound of 74 Villas, 24 Studios & Supermarket)
  • 5 Villas Muroor (G+1) (A Compound of 5 Villas)
  • 4 Villas Muroor (G+2) (A Compound of 4 Villas)
  • 2 Villas Mushrif (G+2) (A Compound of 2 Villas)
  • 2 Villas Karama (G+2) (A Compound of 2 Villas)
  • Shahama 141 & 63 (G+2+Roof, Residential complex)
  • JBR Hotel Dubai
  • DusitThani Hotel

List of Properties to be maintained annually by EIFM for First Gulf Properties:

  • P-9 Residential Building (3B+G+17+Roof)
  • P-9 Office Building (3B+G+16+Roof)
  • P-9 Service Building (3B+G+22+Roof)
  • Al Qurm (A compound of 87 Villas)
  • 8 villas complex Mushrif
  • 11 villas complex Jumeirah Dubai
  • JBR Staff accommodation Dubai
  • Al Nahda Tower (G+11+Roof)



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